Hire a Ski Buddy

Brant Moles Photo: Nick Rice

Brant is available to ski with just you, or you plus some your closest friends or family. If you choose to Hire a Ski Buddy, you’ll be able to decide if you want to ski only with Brant, or who you’d like to join your skiing adventure. Hiring a Ski Buddy is a great way to spend a day Skiing.

You can pick the date(s) and Utah resort(s) or anywhere you’d like to ski with Brant. Private Sessions can range from one day to several days in a row, depending on availability. Contact Brant now to reserve your Private Session!

Every Ski Buddy Session is tailored to the participating skiers. Here’s a basic rundown of what you can expect from a Private ski session with Brant:

– Meet early to make the first chair when there’s fresh snow to be had.
– Learning where to find the best snow on the mountain, depending on the weather conditions, time of day, and recent snowfall.
– Laugh a lot.
– Tell Brant to ski something you’d never think of skiing, watch him ski it.
– Ski something you never thought you’d ski, and then do it again!
– Get tips to improve your skiing and increase your skills.
– Eat lunch.
– Hear some tips for basic backcountry skiing.
– Ski for photos or video analysis.
– Laugh more (probably because Brant’s telling some crazy skiing stories).
– Finish skiing when you’re ready, then watch the videos or view the photos and discuss them.
– Enjoy dinner and/or a tasty beverage and prepare for the next day!


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