A picture is worth 1000 words

Brant Moles in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Brant Moles in Little Cottonwood Canyon

What can you see in this photograph? Flying powder. Cool light. Style? Technique? A picture is worth a thousand words,   I am gonna keep this under 1000 words. There is quite a bit we can see in this picture when it comes to technique.

One thing to notice is the placement of the hands, up and  forward. Part of having a solid stance is keeping the hands up and forward. Flowing down the hill. This is an athletic position to be in while skiing. If you think about any sport there is a general “ready” position. Knees bent hands up ready to play. Ready for whatever or whoever is coming at you. Tennis, volleyball and football all have a similar stance. That ready to play stance will help the player deal with the situation. While skiing the mountain is throwing things at you. Trees, rocks, cliffs, moguls and others skiers to name a few. We need to be ready for all of these things, ready to make the adjustments needed to keep skiing on down the mountain. This solid stance will allow you turn even if you hit a bump. It allows the skier to absorb bumps and variable terrain especially when skiing powder because you can’t really see what is under the snow. If you have a good stance it is easier to recover if you hit  a buried stump or rock.

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  1. Brant was surfing the web and came across your site via facebook links. Don’t know if you remember me or not, but glad you are doing well. looks like you have a great business going while doing something you love!


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